Welcome Students of Albion CollegeWelcome Students of Albion College
Your institution is vitally concerned with the health and well being of its students. This website provides valuable information and tools for students, athletes, parents and medical providers regarding the benefits provided by the College. It is very important that you review the Full Plan Document to obtain an understanding of the supplemental benefits provided by the College. If you have questions, please contact NAHGA Claim Services at 877-497-4980, or submit a question by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab above or the "Help" button on the homepage.
International Students
Full Plan Document
Your Full Plan Document provides complete information regarding the benefits available when enrolled in the plan. Please read this document thoroughly as it provides important information regarding this plan.
Check Claim Status
You are able to check your claim status(HealthSmart)
Print Plan Summary
This Plan Summary is a quick reference of your benefit. It is not meant to replace the Full Plan Document, but contains helpful information that you can pass along to your medical providers.
How to file a claim
View this document for easy claim filing instructions. Be sure to read this document before submitting claims – incomplete claim forms can delay processing of your medical charges.
ID Card
To request or replace a lost ID Card please go to HealthSmart.
Locate Provider
In order to maximize your benefits, locate a provider in your area.